The JETOUR T-X Concept: CHERY’s Powerhouse Off-Road SUV 

CHERY Published a Hardcore Off-Road SUV, The JETOUR T-X Concept

January 10th marked the date when the JETOUR brand, unveiled their concept SUV named T-X. They claimed it to be a hardcore SUV, which seems apt based on the first impressions. JETOUR is the sub-brand of the infamous Chinese automobile manufacturer “CHERY”. While the T-X is still a concept, the bold design, and features represent everything JETOUR stands for. The front of the car represents power and strength. Every small element suggests the hardcore vibe the brand was going for. The slightly bulging hood, projecting fenders on both sides, and tough wavy designs are extremely attractive. The unique square design of front LED lights gives the car a retro-futuristic feel. The overall headlamps are designed into the shape of a lantern, which is the perfect symbolism for Chinese culture. The four wheels are closer to the four corners, allowing for better maneuvering. In terms of physical appearance, JETOUR has left nothing to be desired. 

The manufacturers have adopted a modular roof setting, combined with a drone platform for the roof. Based on the additional accessories such as a spare tire design and front design, it is expected JETOUR will launch additional products around the car. The tire and rim choices are perfect for an off-road SUV. Based on the first impressions, we can assume that model T-X is trying to create an off-road vibe. Other products from JETOUR T-Series will include 1.0T, 2.0T, 3.0T fuel version, hybrid, and pure electric cars. With more focus on hybrid car models, we’re sure that JETOUR can easily dominate the SUV car section. By offering both power and efficiency in a perfect power-packed SUV.

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