New Four Wheel Drive Power Train

The Automotive supplier Magna unveiled a brand new four-wheel-drive system for pick-up trucks that can revolutionize the industry.

Magna’s solution is creatively named “EtelligentForce” and is ideal for 3 quarter ton or 1-ton heavy-duty trucks.

What makes this drive system revolutionary is the electric drive for the front axle which can deliver up to 241 horsepower. Simultaneously, the rear beam can provide up to 576 HP.

This solution can be applied to vehicles without making any structural changes and it allows 14,500 of towing capacity. According to the company, the production will begin in 2025, with the US being the headquarters of the EV center for the development of EtelligentForce.

If the claims made by the developer are correct, then the technology can bring forth drastic changes in the industry. While most of the EV industry is focusing on the development of new platforms this move could prove be a game changer from Magna as it focuses on the upgrading of existing automobile platforms which comprises of large number of applications, such as haulage and larger leisure vehicles. This segment of industry is untapped and could prove to be a massive revenue generating machine in future.

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