Solar-Supplemented Lightyear Two: A More Affordable Option in 2025?

The Dutch carmaker is already planning a successor to the Lightyear One. Which itself hasn’t hit the markets as of now. In a recent presentation, Lightyear confirmed that they’ll be launching a second EV named “Lightyear Two”, and it will be hitting the streets in 2024 or 2025. The car will come at a lower price point to make it more affordable, but it will also come with a smaller battery pack with a driving range. Currently, there’s no information available on the battery pack or the range, the starting price was stated to be around $34,000 compared to the $170,000 of the Lightyear One. 

As for the Lightyear One, it will achieve over 400 miles of range, with a smaller battery than any Long Range Tesla. The Lightyear One makes this happen because of the extremely low drag coefficient and a solar panel equipped roof that provides electricity for 70-90% of the annual mileage as per the manufacturer. Apart from having an impressive driving range, with small battery size, the Lightyear claims that the solar roof will allow drivers to go long distances without having to rely on charging infrastructure. If everything goes according to plan, we may see The Lightyear One hit the streets in the summer of 2022, and Lightyear Two in 2025. In our personal opinion, the Lightyear One is one of the coolest looking electric vehicles in the market, and with an impressive driving range.

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