New Study Around EVs: Two-Thirds of Americans Don’t Want an EV

According to a recent study done in 2022, most Americans aren’t ready to buy an EV and don’t want to pay extra money for an EV. More than 65% of all Americans have claimed that they don’t want a vehicle that relies on electricity. In the same study, just 5% of the participants claimed that they believe that EVs will rule the roads. The rest of the participants in the same study claimed that they would be more comfortable with a hybrid vehicle. Several surveys conducted across various countries yielded the same result. 49% of Germans don’t want any kind of electrification, 39% of the Japanese population, and 37% of South Korean don’t want an EV. 

There are several reasons why a consumer doesn’t want an EV. During the initial days, the designs offered by EVs were straight-up hideous. Another concern regarding EVs is the limited driving ranges. Most consumers want an EV that can travel up to at least 500 miles. Even now, the 500 Mile range is challenging to achieve. While the situation around EVs and the interest is looking pretty slim, millions of Americans have claimed that they see an EV in their future. A couple of automakers are about to go completely electrical with their list of offerings by 2023. With Toyota, all set to launch a whole new line of hybrid cars, and other brands following suit, there’s a lot to wait for.

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