Managing Electric Charging Costs: Multi-Unit facilities Could Reduce Costs

Atom Power, a North Carolina-based company is all set to launch a brand new EV charging station that could make the electricity costs lower for apartments and condos. The charging station is named “Atom Power purple” which charges automobiles directly from a circuit breaker, so there are no electronics in the hardware itself. This also allows for an energy management system that can automatically sense the changes in power demand, compared to a delay that comes with physical hardware that’s needed to be changed based on power needs. To avoid additional charges, it is vital to closely monitor the slight changes in demand for energy. With the proper management of charging power demand, the cost of charging an EV can drop down tenfolds. This is especially helpful for residents of multi-unit dwellings and condos as they won’t have to rely on extremely expensive battery buffers. It is already challenging enough to get the home owner’s association to offer EV charging stations. A majority of the price of EV charging are because DC fast

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