Electric Vehicles: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Electric cars are all the hype right now, and the hype is well deserved. With proper launches and the right infrastructure, electric cars will take over the roads in no time. But, even though tons of people are running toward EVs right now, there are even more people that don’t know anything about them. There are a lot of terminologies that even the buyers don’t understand. So how would you know which EV is the ideal option for you? Before you choose an EV, you need to have an answer to some of the questions. Some of the basic things to consider before buying an EV are “How fast the car is, how fast the car charges, what’s the driving range of a full charging, and more.” 

Before you make a decision based solely on the price and looks of the car, you need to be aware of some basic terminology revolving around EVs. This can help you make an educated decision before you buy an electric car.


We also developed some very nice calculators for you which would help you in managing your mileage and understand the costs involved.

Journey Cost Calculator

MPG Calculator

Electric Car Actual Range Calculator

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