Changan’s Latest EV: EADO ET May 2019 Launch Date with Impressive 251 Miles Range

The EADO ET from Changan’s was a high point of the Shanghai Auto Show. While it was already unveiled at the Guangzhour Auto Show, the EADO ET is based on the fuel version of 2nd gen EADO XT. The car boasted an impressive range of  251 miles (405 KM) and will be launched in 2019. The car’s design points fingers towards it being a compact hatchback, the EADO XT 2nd gen (fuel model) hasn’t been launched overseas yet. On the design front. The EADO ET looks almost identical to the EADO XT, but the front mesh uses a closed design. The rear end of the car has no noticeable changes. The “T” shaped taillights and the hatchback design make the car look impressionable. There’s not much information yet about the interior of the car, but rumors state that the new model will use a single-pedal design. For most drivers, this may take some time to adapt and get used to.

There’s little to no information about the power under the hood, the only stat available is that it can offer 251 miles driving range. The car needs just 35 minutes to charge from 20% to 80% which is beyond impressive. When it comes to features, the EADO ET will be equipped with the latest 3.0 interconnection system with 4G signals, a 10-inch display, and a battery-powered heating system. With the right launch window and the right set of marketing, the EADO ET can take the market by storm.

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