California Legislation – Ban on Sale of New Fossil fuel cars by 2035

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Greenhouse gasses are no doubt a big issue and contributor towards global warming. this issue has been highlighted and now taken seriously by all major countries with leading economies. Electric cars are also a major contribution towards greenhouse reduction and hence improving the long terms solutions for environmental issues. Taking the step in the right … Read more

Electric Car ownership Incentives by the Government

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majority of member countries in EU are intensifying the purchase of electric cars by reducing taxes on full electric and plugin hybrid cars. They are also imposing more and more taxation on keeping fossil fuel cars in order to discourage new car buyers to go in the direction of replacing their old car with another … Read more

Tesla Model 3 exceeds 1 million sales

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Tesla Model 3 is probably the leader in the contemporary  EV  market. It is a practical, robust, and high-performance electric car that is admired and acknowledged in the EV consumer circles. It is quite an affordable car for its performance and range, not quite a family car but still spacious enough for four adults.  Tesla … Read more

Is it worth thinking about used electric vehicles?

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Even budget electric cars seem to fall outside the range because of high capital cost, the question that remains is used electric cars are a viable solution? the used car market for electric cars is not widely accessible as compared to conventional cars but it is building up and soon enough there will be plenty … Read more