Battery as a Service – Electric Cars

battery as a service

ES8 is manufactured by Chinese manufacturer NIO, a modern electric car that is in SUV format and has 7 seats. This is a premium electric car with a lot of space and would be attracting a significant portion of the electric car client base in China initially and hopefully worldwide.The most interesting thing about this … Read more

New Four Wheel Drive Power Train


The Automotive supplier Magna unveiled a brand new four-wheel-drive system for pick-up trucks that can revolutionize the industry. Magna’s solution is creatively named “EtelligentForce” and is ideal for 3 quarter ton or 1-ton heavy-duty trucks. What makes this drive system revolutionary is the electric drive for the front axle which can deliver up to 241 … Read more

Genera Motors pushes the drive for Better EV batteries

electric car battery manufacturing

General Motors has been a leading and recognized name in auto industry and they are not going to leave the competition arena when it comes to electric car development. GM is planning to put more resources and money into research which will improve electric car batteries to be more efficient and cost-effective. currently, the electric … Read more

The USA mulls boosting electric car charging infrastructure

electric car charging points

One factor that has always been a hurdle for electric car expansion on a broad customer level is the availability of charging stations nation-wise. As electric car charging pods become more and more common, more likely is that a commoner will choose an electric car over its fossil fuel counterpart. US president’s plans to invest … Read more

Tesla starts a new Trend – Shares Charging pods

electric car charging

for the first time, Tesla is operating a pilot program that sees Tesla charging facilities being opened up to use by other electric vehicle makers. A move that is seen by the market as very encouraging to the electric vehicle industry in general and provides an opportunity to boost the availability of charging stations for … Read more

EV News – Tesla Keeps rising

tesla electric car

Tesla is keeping a great hold on momentum en route road to the title of champion electric car maker. A trend that is displayed and endorsed by continuous rise in Tesla stock value while other electric car makers falter just a bit slightly. Market trend leverages heavily towards Tesla and it has been for the … Read more