Electric Car Charging points in the UK

electric car charging points near me

With the ever increasing number of EVs on the road and limited range, pressure on charging infrastructure is creeping up. Nevertheless, the industry has responded well to the challenge and most gas stations on motorways and major roads now offer charging stations.  Tesla is also working hard to improve the charging points infrastructure with the … Read more

Affordability dilemma for Electric car

affordable electric cars

while electric cars are getting more and more popular, the price tag is not going down anywhere even close to the same pace. EV are pricey, there is no doubt about that. They are not on the shopping list of an average UK family yet, and this is where the question comes in. when an … Read more

Electric Cars with Longest Range

Electric car range

One of the major concerns on EV is the driving range, how long they can drive while charged full once ? With charging infrastructure still in development and time taken to charge is also an issue while going for long drives. With potentially competing for spaces on selected charging station, the range for a particular … Read more

Vauxhall Corsa affordable Lease Deal

Electric Car Lease deals

This EV is a spinoff of the most popular Vauxhall Corsa car with a similar feel and look but with a EV upgrade and better handling due to the additional weight of batteries.  Please follow the link for more details. https://www.octopusev.com/vauxhall-corsa-e

Nissan Leaf EV affordable Deal

electric car lease deals

Nissan leaf is an attractive product in ever so dynamic EV market. This car is affordable with features like rapid 50KWH charging. Its design is simple and easy to operate. This car can be compared to its fossil fuel counterpart Nissan Qashqai. For details please follow the link https://www.octopusev.com/nissan-leaf

Electric car leasing Deals from OctupusEV

electric car leasing deals

Octopus energy is a clean energy supplier in the UK. They specialize in renewable and sustainable energy solutions and are pretty active on climate change and global warming scene.  They have some seemingly attractive tariffs for people with electric cars by providing cheaper electricity to charge in night times. Octopus EV is a sister company … Read more

Selection of Best Electric Cars to Buy

electric car charging points near me

We have included selection of lists for electric cars which could be great candidates for everyone, ranging from small family entry car to  high end SUVs.  With the government drive to phaseout fossil fuel cars is picking up, more and more innovation is taking place in EV market, pushing the boundaries of technology and putting … Read more

Why even bother use electric cars? what’s the point?

electric car charging points near me

First and foremost, why do we even bother about electric cars ? why is that all the powers to be and big economies are pushing hard and investing in the infrastructure and development of electric cars ?   There is a lot of buzz around this question, and especially when put into perspective with grave issue … Read more

How Electric car operates?

how electric car operate

It’s a burning question on everybody’s mind. How do the electric cars work ? what are the main components of electric car ? how do electric car gets charged so quickly ? how do electric cars charge at  home ? EV are fundamentally different, as they do not have a combustion engines.  They are direct … Read more