Electric cars for the future and Green planet warriors – Electric cars from Hyundai

electric car Hyundai

Hyundai has made a market impact with the introduction of electric cars which are financially and family-friendly. With the IONIC series and KONA electric, they have a choice of electric cars which appeal to the consumers for whatever their needs are, commuting, traveling, and city hops. https://www.hyundai.com/eu/about-hyundai/electrification/electrification.html these are affordable electric cars Hyundai make,  with … Read more

Volkswagen Electric Vehicles – A Quick Guide

electric car vw

Volkswagen has jumped on the shuttle and pressed the accelerate button for the development and manufacturing of new electric cars. A good idea about their development plans is exhibited from their electric car VW roadmap, with vouching to maximize the sale of electric vehicles to up to 70% by 2030.  They have doubled their original … Read more

A bit of history on Electric Cars

electric cars history

They may seem relatively new phenomena however electric cars have been around for decades, only issue was they were not considered competitive with fossil fuel cars in terms of practicality, range, and power.  It’s only the revolution brought on by lithium batteries that changed everything about the perception and production of electric cars and made … Read more