Electric Car Journey Cost – Petrol / Diesel Car Journey Calculator

With all this hype around electric cars, it is certainly worth looking into a lot of factors around them, exploring and walking into a situation that would be far more acceptable than what it seems on the paper, but is it really?

There are various pros and cons of keeping and buying and running electric cars – of course, cost-saving is one of them. There is the initial capital cost involved, as EVs tend to be expensive, however, the general perception is that they are cheaper to run.

We have done a very simple cost calculator for you that puts that idea into practice. This calculator will calculate side by side journey cost calculator for both electric car and traditional petrol or diesel car, and present it to you so you can compare first hand.

Two important Inputs required are very simple, fuel price and electricity unit ( KWH ), rest of the inouts are subjective and can be tuned as you may deem appropriate.

Distance to be Covered ( Miles )
Estimated MPG
Fuel Cost ( Pence / Cents )
Electricity Unit ( KWH ) Cost ( Pence / Cents )
Driving Style ( 1 being the Gentle and 10 being Aggressive )
Traffic Congestion Factor ( 1 Being the Best and 10 being the worst )
Estimated Cost for Petrol - Diesel Car
Estimated Cost for Eelectric Car

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