Electric Car Range Calculator Guide

We have designed an Electric car Range calculator or Estimator which can help you understand the Real-life EV range you can expect out of your electric vehicle battery. Range Calculation is a pretty complex process and it will be very difficult if not impossible to accurately find a number for mileage for a given condition or circumstances.

Nevertheless, the Below Electric car mileage calculator or Estimator gives you a very good guide towards the answers you are seeking regarding your Electric car range.

We highly recommend taking everything into account, doing worst-case scenario analysis, and making up your mind on your range requirements before going to purchase your new shiny EV.

There are some inputs required for this calculator to work and we have left default typical input values where possible.

A quick note on Temperature Input. It would be difficult to choose one value for this input but we do recommend using winter worst-case weather scenarios as EV batteries are sensitive to the colder temperatures and degrade significantly in performance.

Electric Vehicle Range Calculator

Total Battery Capacity
Battery Charge Status ( % )
Efficiency ( Miles per Unit KWh , We recommend not to change this value unless you are sure )
Temperature ( Choose an average Value in Degree Celsius )
Traffic Congestion Factor ( 1 being No congestion and 10 being Worst )
Battery Age in Years
Max Range

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