Is it worth thinking about used electric vehicles?

used electric cars

Even budget electric cars seem to fall outside the range because of high capital cost, the question that remains is used electric cars are a viable solution? the used car market for electric cars is not widely accessible as compared to conventional cars but it is building up and soon enough there will be plenty … Read more

Electric Cars – 6 popular questions and answers

electric cars

Is charging EV take a long time? is EV expensive to keep? how much is the service cost for EV ? These are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding EV. This article takes that into account and tries to address some of the questions, nevertheless, the list is long and with time, we … Read more

Three scenic long drives suitable for EV cars

electric car long drive

This one is really interesting!  EVs tend to have shorter mileage or coverage ranges and with the scarcity of charging stations, this can become a real concern when going for long drives out of the city. This article actually shows exactly that, taking examples of selected routes and places, it demonstrates how to plan the … Read more

Electric cars out of star war movies

electric cars

Does this look like a car out of a sci-fi movie ? or out of a futuristic car trade show? In fact, this is Tesla Cyber Truck, which is going to go into production very soon. Some other vendors and Tesla especially are now revolutionizing the way we think about cars, the way they work, … Read more

Affordable electric car Rental Scheme

electric car rentals

Buying or owning an electric car is a pretty daunting thought, at least finance-wise 😊 . However, there are some leasing and car-share rental options available in the city which would render this idea of ownership of EV a reality. This is a car-sharing scheme in a nutshell, just like when people share their houses … Read more

Electric car repair and maintenance costs

electric car repairs

Electric cars are a relatively new phenomenon hence public opinion and feedback are not yet available at a large scale. One of the questions that boggle everybody’s mind is about the electric car maintenance cost and upkeep. Surprisingly, this cost is cheaper than the regular car service or maintenance for a number of reasons, the … Read more

10 Budget Electric cars to keep eye on

budget electric cars

With all the hype and innovations around them, there are a few factors which are keeping the masses bit cautious about EV.  One of the biggest factors is the affordability of electric cars. Unfortunately, they fall on the wrong side of the price spectrum, at least for now, we hope with tech and innovation, the … Read more

Electric Car Charging points in the UK

electric car charging points near me

With the ever increasing number of EVs on the road and limited range, pressure on charging infrastructure is creeping up. Nevertheless, the industry has responded well to the challenge and most gas stations on motorways and major roads now offer charging stations.  Tesla is also working hard to improve the charging points infrastructure with the … Read more

Affordability dilemma for Electric car

affordable electric cars

while electric cars are getting more and more popular, the price tag is not going down anywhere even close to the same pace. EV are pricey, there is no doubt about that. They are not on the shopping list of an average UK family yet, and this is where the question comes in. when an … Read more

Electric Cars with Longest Range

Electric car range

One of the major concerns on EV is the driving range, how long they can drive while charged full once ? With charging infrastructure still in development and time taken to charge is also an issue while going for long drives. With potentially competing for spaces on selected charging station, the range for a particular … Read more