Battery as a Service – Electric Cars

battery as a service

ES8 is manufactured by Chinese manufacturer NIO, a modern electric car that is in SUV format and has 7 seats. This is a premium electric car with a lot of space and would be attracting a significant portion of the electric car client base in China initially and hopefully worldwide.The most interesting thing about this … Read more

Electric Car Range Calculator Guide

eletric car range calculator

We have designed an Electric car Range calculator or Estimator which can help you understand the Real-life EV range you can expect out of your electric vehicle battery. Range Calculation is a pretty complex process and it will be very difficult if not impossible to accurately find a number for mileage for a given condition … Read more

New Four Wheel Drive Power Train


The Automotive supplier Magna unveiled a brand new four-wheel-drive system for pick-up trucks that can revolutionize the industry. Magna’s solution is creatively named “EtelligentForce” and is ideal for 3 quarter ton or 1-ton heavy-duty trucks. What makes this drive system revolutionary is the electric drive for the front axle which can deliver up to 241 … Read more